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Books of interest for Metal Artists,Heanevly Metal Twisted Wire
« on: December 20, 2009, 08:01:28 AM »
Heavenly Metal Twisted wire
Lisa Brown
David&Charles publishers
trade paperback
copyright 2007
originally copyright 2001 in the UK
As Metalcraft
ISBN 0-7153-2775-5

This is another one done for the Euro set and style. With mostly light duty supplies. fewer greeting cards and more ideas to be massaged for the house or garden. As with the light ball/sphere on the cover would do out side in a garden whether it is Christmas or Halloween or in between.

There are plenty of color photo's, material list's and tools and equipment lists. From the use of aluminum large hole screen mesh for insect covers for outdoor dinning. to the use of rusted wire as framing with chicken wire paneling in the style of the old French wire work for bathroom  hand made soap display so the scents can move about freely.

Or the use of screen or cut out panels inserted and patinated into cabinet doors. Adding some water rounded rocks in a wire and bead made from copper tube to make a door stop, to a backsplash made from the Euro style of painted/ screen printed food item cans, mounted on a tin, or other metal background. To finally, the use of the brightly colored foil sweets(candy wrappers here states side) for accent colors and interest in frames for photo's or mirrors.

This is another one that is a remainder @ Hamilton Books

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