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Freehand Sketching
« on: July 18, 2008, 06:19:40 AM »
Freehand Sketching
by J W Giachino
Herny J Beukema
ATP publication
Trade paperback

A very few lucky people can turn out a well proportioned freehand sketch. This book is pretty good with some tips and instructions on how to improve your drawings.

Those that have to send out parts of their drawing to a part made some place else know how frustrating this can be. This book is a text book course sort of. With graph or squared paper in the book, you can do the practice exercises. If your like me you will need more
than half a sheet of paper to get a good looking drawing. But that can be remedied at most any office supply store.

    * Basic principals of freehand sketching
    * Lettering a sketch
    * Making multiveiew sketches
    * Dimensioning multiview sketches
    * Sketching sectional views
    * Sketching auxiliary views
    * Making Pictorial Sketches
    * Sketching fastening devices
    * Shading a sketch
    * Sketching graphs and charts

No pictures but lots of drawing examples. Here is one source for the book
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