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Home& Garden Metalcrafts
« on: July 06, 2008, 07:12:27 AM »
Home& Garden Metalcrafts
includes 15 easy-to-make projects
by Jana Ewy
Northern Light Books
Trade paper back
This is another one of those that was or is offered in the US, Canada, England and beyond. It is designed for the non metal worker. meaning it involves light weight materials in the sheet goods and stuff that can be worked with a minimum of tools and equipment.
Using assorted wire screen and mesh sizes, in assorted materials, along with embossing metal sheet. Wire and copper tubing and pipe.
To build some interesting things and to act as idea starter to build on with the skills that a more advanced metal worker has.

From the projects, picture frames,candle holders,lamp,trinket boxes place mats, centerpieces luminaries,plant stakes, flower pots, to whimsical plant stakes and insects and copper votive candle holding stakes. And a lighted vine type garland, with or without the lights would be a nice addition to the house.

Filled with bright large clear color pictures, and step by step with descriptions that will make the beginner or old hand turn out some nice items or gifts.
it is being sold as a remainder at a steep discount. So you might check here.
remainder book seller
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