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Sharpening with Waterstones
« on: June 23, 2008, 06:11:27 AM »
Sharpening with Waterstones
a perfect edge in 60 seconds
by Ian Kirby
Linden Publishing
trade paper back

Everybody needs to sharpen an edge now and again whether it is chisels to put clearance on gate and fence pieces. Or just the scissors for cutting patterns.

This book covers them all. Mr. Kirby maintains that as with a lot of things in life. Sharpening is a skill set that anybody can learn if they follow the steps. And he does stress a good edge is just a series of the proper steps in the proper order.

The book is set up in the proper order:

    * A perfect edge in 60 seconds
    * Grinders and grinder wheels
    * Equipping the grinder
    * When to grind
    * Waterstones
    * Sharpening station
    * The back face
    * Sharpening plane blades
    * Sharpening chisels
    * Knifes and scissors
    * Carving tools
    * Parting shots

The nice thing about the book is it covers the types of edges so you can read what you need with out a lot of hunting for it. A whole lot of clear Black and White pictures and line drawings. Shows you what you need to know. Gives you a plan and set up for a sharpening station and grinder station.

Whether you need to sharpen all the time or just need to pull out the book to refresh the lil'grey cells before sharpening something.
You will find this book to be on the cutting edge
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