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Creative Metal Crafts
« on: July 05, 2008, 07:07:25 AM »
Creative Metal Crafts
25beautiful projects for your home
by Joanna Gollberg
Lark books
Another book By Gollberg, showing what cross over skills in the metal arts are all about. Mostly know for her jewelry and books about jewelry.
She shifts directions and heads into the home decorative area. Which is good for people looking for something new or just some more ideas to fill up the sales tables at the shows or shops.
Starts out with an introduction

    * Materials
    * Tools
    * Techniques

    * From votive candle holder, Ginko leaf chop stick rests,drawer pulls,clock, shower curtain hangers, nouveau picture frame,whimsical wall hooks and the off neglected candle snuffer,etc

    * Gallery artists
    * Templates
    * Acknowledgments
    * Gallery artists
    * Notes about suppliers
    * Index

From using base metals to combining sterling silver and acrylic to make fancy chop sticks. To combining other techniques to add something striking to your home and make some stand out gifts. then this book might be fore you.
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