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chuck foster:
i know most of you guys (bog's)  :lol:  don't like wood but here is some neat looking models made of wood.

chuck  :wave:

You guys have got me all wrong, I love wood, especially bits that have been shaped by a true artisans hands, in fact, almost anything as long as they are not my hands that are involved.



Nice find. Are those all the collection of one person or are there several collections there. Some of them have gone into a lot of detail to create their miniature piece of farm equipment. I must troll the www and see what else I can find. Thanks for showing them to us Chuck. :ddb: :ddb:

I have always figured that you appreciated an artist, no matter what the medium is and again you haven't disappointed me. :) :)

Cheers  :beer:


Nice looking tractors. Hard to tell they are made from wood.

chuck foster:
bogs i think you wood no no would be very good at wood working................right down to the tenth of a thou.  :beer: :)

don: they were all made by the same guy.

chuck  :wave:


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