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I don't really like woodwork, and don't consider myself much good at it.

Unfortunately the crumbling, victorian money pit that we call home has needed rather a lot of wood repairs over the years. The budget simply does not stretch to paying someone else to do it, so I've had to learn.

The one upside of this is that old woodworking tools can become a bit of a fascination in their own right. It started with realizing that those tatty old chisels going for pennies on the car boot sale are actually better quality than the modern ones.

I have never paid more than a pound for one and they usually look something like this when I get them.

But a bit of TLC soon gets them into shape and ready for work.

It's what I need really, another hobby.  ::)  Just don't get me started about old planes....




Well one has to ask,

How do you clean them up so well .......... I think we deserve more  :whip:

Good work - recycling at its best. You can't beat taking something old and grotty and transforming it into good as new condition, or better than new. Very satisfying. So have you a collection of planes as well?

Good job there. Marples pre-Irwin are Sheffield more than likely and you should be able to put a "scary sharp" edge on them. Pics of the planes please.

Nuthin wrong with that.

Keep a couple of old chisels in my ute for general butchering duties on site.  Cant make out who made em, but they look as old as me. 

One of them I found in a wall cavity whilst helping out on a mates reno project.  Dont care if they get knocked around, just resharpen and go again.


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