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VW Powered Snow Blower

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Living up here in the north east, New York state to be exact, the winters some times are brutal. Lots of snow and blowing wind. Now that I live in house with a 1/10 mile driveway that I plow with a 70hp deisel tractor, it gets a bit cold. I mean realy cold. Sometimes the tractor won't start because it's to cold, even when it's heater is plugged in. Then the wind blowing the snow in your face with a temp of around 10 degrees is realy brutal.

So I got this idea that a tracked vehicle with a snow blower mounted on front would be ideal. I used to own a 12hp garden tractor with a blower on it. Used it to plow my parents drive when I lived home. So now I wanted something bigger with a heated cab, that's when I cam up with the idea of a VW powered blower. Why VW power. Well, I've been driving VW's since 1970 and am very familar with them. I even built a dune buggy. Still have all the parts.

So if your interested in the project check out my web page on this project. It's been in the making fro almost 2 years now. Progress has been slow. Check it out at VW Powered Snowblower


There was a video on the net a couple years ago with a 350 chevy powered walk behind blower. ;D I no longer have the link.

What part of NY are you in Bern?



--- Quote from: Brass_Machine on May 30, 2008, 11:07:39 PM ---What part of NY are you in Bern?


--- End quote ---

I'm 20 miles south of Rochester, New York. Luckily far enough south to escape the Lake Ontario snow machine. :D Some winters we get a lot of snow, other times the wind blows everything away. Luckily the drive is an east/west drive.


Powder Keg:
Here is where I work if you need a snow blower:o)

Kodiak Northwest

HERE is a video of one of our small ones. Our big unit has a 1200 constant duty HP rating:o)


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