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Hand engraved windshield


Powder Keg:
I was inspired by the laser engraved windshields I posted earlier and thought to myself, "Self, you can do that." So I looked around for some sutable material to engrave onto my new windshield.  I came up with this. It is actually a combination of 2 drawings and a tattoo that I found on the net. I then had to reverse the image so the 13 would read Ok when viewed from the front of the bike.

I'll pull the windshield and take lots of pictures:o) I'll be using a vibratory engraver to do the work. I've done a couple practice pieces with great results.

Later, Wes


A bit of an old post, but I thought I would show you mine, windscreen etching that is.

When I bought my bike, it had a screen etched in the same way as you propose. The chappie used to have a rider name of 'The Mothman', and the bike was used to give light shows at charity events and special gatherings of the Goldwing owners club. The screen was lit by a row of high intensity blue LED's along the bottom edge, and at night the engraving used to look spectacular, shining brightly in a clear screen, and all around the screen edge was lit as well.

I am not into that sort of thing and I am slowly 'de-lighting' it, I must have got rid of well over a hundred by now, and it is only half finished. There must have been 50 or 60 in every orifice on the fairing.
Anyway, I have now replaced the screen with a nice semi tint one from Memphis Shades, and this one is destined for another world.




Powder Keg:
I would have left it John;o) I am still planing on doing this but there was just no way I could have fit it in this summer. I like the idea of the light bar to light it up. Might have to mess with that?



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