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Here are the pics of that pocket watch I have.

The first is of the face. There are no markings on the face other than the numbers for the time. It could be that the face was replaced at some time. I believe the material to be porcelain. Note also that it has a winding key.

This is the part that gets me. The fine intricate marking. It doesn't look engraved. It looks more like it was etched. I believe it's 10 jewel movement. As you can seen it has two square posts, one for the main spring and one for the setting of the hands.

Note that there is another hinged cover. This had a piece of plastic in it when I got the watch. I am assuming it must have had a crystal in it at one time. Also the key is on the main spring.

Here's a bad picture of the only inscription I can find on the watch. It looks oriental to me.

I did finally get a better pic of the inscription and a number at the very bottom, 1438

That's about all I can tell of the watch other than I got it at a clock auction and it does run. The size of the watch is 62.25mm (2.450") in dia. and 11.4mm (.450") thickness.

Here are a few more pics of some of the wife's clock collection.

4 pocket watches, 2 small clocks, a small version on the right of a mission clock. Then there is the bird in the cage clock. This is rather a novel piece. It has a bird the moves back and forth. A small ball with a time scale and pointer tell the time.

5 carriage clocks and two novelty clocks

Atmos clock with round face.

Atmos with square face and crystal regulator.

Dent 8 day skeleton clock

And a time stamp clock. This clock was used to stamp your time clock. Still works.

What's it like a noon and mid-night around here? Really can't tell you. I've gotten used to the noise.


Really like the Dent 8 day skeleton clock. If you find time, could you post a few more pictures of it.


Your watch is of the type commonly referred to as "Chinese market watches."  They were made in Switzerland for sale in China in the 1800's.  They were typically ornately engraved as is yours.  For a very complete discussion of this type of watch, visit the following website :

I agree on the skeleton clock, I am always attracted to this type as well.  They are very popular among amateur clockmakers, I even got a book on how to make one, for someday in the future.  John Wilding's book "The Construction of an Elegant Scroll Frame Skeleton Clock."  An image of the clock he shows how to make, it is quite similar to yours.

Thanks Jere. That is the first info I have ever gotten on this watch. I'll check out the site you provided.

A few years ago Bill Smith of clock fame wrote an article in, I believe it was Home Shop Machinist on building a skeleton clock. I know your interrested, right? I'll start digging out the issues.  :D

Thanks again.



--- Quote from: craynerd on November 04, 2009, 12:20:29 PM ---Really like the Dent 8 day skeleton clock. If you find time, could you post a few more pictures of it.

--- End quote ---

More pics coming. Stay tuned.  :wave:

Here's a link to Bill Smith's clock page.  Go down about half way for the skeleton wall clocks.



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