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Powder Keg:
This looks like it will become a fun place! I'm interested in Motorbikes, Cannons, Foundry, Machining, and building things. I am working on a 77 Kawasaki KZ650 and a 75 Honda CB360. I'll get some pictures up in the appropriate areas. I am learning to run CNC's and have used them to make patterns for my foundry stuff.

Thanks for the invitation, Wes

Hey Wes!

Cant wait to see some more stuff, esp the CB! Any plans for it? Cafe?


Powder Keg:
I would love to make a cafe racer. But the CB got turned into a girl's bike. My wife loves to ride it:o) I painted it Plum and she wanted ape hangers put on. It has a sissy bar that is as tall as she is:o) Oh, The seat was recovered Purple. As soon as we get it back together I'll post some pictures. We had a valve go bad last year. I bought some new valves last fall and it's going back together now.

Later, Wes


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