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Working Paper Clock - James Rudolph

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Great post Chris
 :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:
Loved the vid

I just love clocks, as you know its my ambition also to build a clock, but being a bit of a masechist Masachist mesachist   stuff it, you know what I'm on about,

 I want to make my own gear cutters using a method devised by myself thats one reason I'm build the tool post grinder, it may be a big failure but that doesn't matter having a try is what counts.

Have fun



Computers may be smart sometimes but they only do what we tell them to do. They can be outsmarted sometimes as shown above.  :lol: :lol:
I don't know why youtube does that. They want you to watch their videos then they disable them so you can't watch them. Most people would just give up but I decided that when that happens to fight back as best as I can.

rant off

Cheers  :beer:


Stew, what is your opinion on copying and perhaps down scaling the escapement of this paper clock as a little trial run for me to try. Forgetting just now about the actual maching methods, I can only presume that if I was to copy the parts in metal it would still work?

I`d need a simple frame, the escape wheel and could even connect a weight directly to my escape wheel. Hummmm .... food for thought!?

Edit, a bit more searching and found this - again paper but my idea would be replecate this in metal:


That is really cool Chris, I'd love to make a clock someday ( another one on the list  :proj: ) I reckon if you are to copy the paper design onto metal you may want to thin out the gears and lighten them as much as poss' to reduce the effects of friction and weight from slowing down the clock, I think that's why clockmakers use very thin gears ( or wheels as they call them )  and cut out as much as they can from them.

I look forward to seeing what you are able to make.


Tim's spot on when he says about reducing the weight thats why clockmakers make wheels (gears) with thin spokes.

If your interested in clocks this is a good site to give you a feel for what's involved

Have fun



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