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was just thinking, is there any way you could mount the spindle on a verticle slide so you could grind small bits flat in the 4 jaw?



Thats going to be the next project I'll be posting, I'm planning on using a vertical slide of a lathe for this :- Your starting to see the posibilities from this bit of kit, I'm not shure if it will work but it will be fun trying  :D :D :D



It's brilliant Stew.

bit  :offtopic: I am seriously thinking about trying to turn adapt my horizontal mill into a surface grinder to give it surface grinding capability. I think it was Darren that pointed out, it's already half way there. There is a pulley on the back of the existing spindle (not sure if that could be utilised directly though as the spindle is driven through the gear box which would only give maybe 1000rpm. There are dovetail slides on top of that so the grinding spindle could be mounted there. The table can be moved longitudinally by a lever ... will put that up in another post when I get round to it!



--- Quote from: NickG on October 22, 2009, 10:42:32 AM ---Stew,

am getting quite jealous

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Me too,  :clap:

I have a Boxford Little Giant tool post Grinder and I need to make a collet chuck attachment for it to grind the taper on my new ER32 collet chuck which is eccentric by .003"
The thread on the spindle is 1/4" 32 tpi. Can anyone tell me if the thread is 55 degrees or 60 degrees. For my collet chuck extension I intend to drill and ream 1/4" for the entry and tap the in board bit of the hole to match the thread; is this the way its done? If any one out there had a drawing or a sketch it would help me a lot or even better if any one had a spare little giant collet chuck that would be even better.


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