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So far I've got these bits towards a Tool Post Grinder:- A sub spindle made her  and a small electric motor

First job work out some pulley sizes to give me the speed ranges I want 4000 rpm for external and 14000 for internal.

Motor pulley turned up.

I'm going to use 3/16 redthane belting, to cut the belt groove I will use a method John suggested, that is to mill it with a 3/16 end mill.

With the pulley still in place the chuck was removed from the lathe and mounted on my RT, then the cutter was fed in from the side and the RT rotated to cut the groove.

Worked like a charm it gave me an accurately cut 3/16 radius groove.

And here's the pulley on the motor, just need to drill and tap it for a fixing grub screw and to chew out some of the meat from the middle to bring the weight down.

Have fun


Don't mince it out Stew.
Because you have a fairly small motor, the flywheel effect might help a bit if you hit a high spot.

Very nicely done BTW.


Gerhard Olivier:
This one is looking more tempting all the time.

Like the way you did the small round groove.


Nicely done Stew  :thumbup:

This however brings me to raise a question gentlemen  :dremel: .......... I have an old Boxford "Little Giant" toolpost grinder, it runs just fine, but it uses a flat belt, looks like the sort of stuff they band stuff on pallets with, and the pulleys are convex ................ I have no spare belt and the one on there doesn't fill me with confidence, so ........ has anyone any info on these belts or would I be better making new pulleys and using similar belting to Stew ...............  :scratch:

Thoughts appreciated chaps  :beer: ................ I think  ::)



John as one of those boxford tool post grinder with flat belts I bet he knows where to get them from  :D



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