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A few of my r/c model airplanes.

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These are all r/c models I designed & built a few yrs. ago (before I got the metal munching disease) using TurboCAD and a homebuilt CNC router to cut out the sheet balsa & ply parts.  They are all powered by modified (exhaust sleeve-throttled) Cox TeeDee .049's except for the motor-glider which has a Cox PeeWee .020 and the biplane which has a Cox TeeDee .020.


Very nice indeed. Is the Biplane a semi-scale Sopwith Camel?

The reason I ask, is a friend made one. I accused him of making the wingtips back to front.
Look a bit strange to me like that.

Way beyond my abilities  ::)

I'm impressed ..

Dave BC

Thanks Dave.  Actually, the bipe (I call it the Stealth Camel 'cuz it's got see-through covering) was a design exercise to have good performance including touch n' goes, taxiing, good take-offs, etc. with an exhaust sleeve-throttled .020 Tee Dee.

It's the lightest construction/appearance package I could come up with at the time and looks closest to a Sopwith Pup fuselage & empennage with Camel wings.  I hate them backward wingtips on the 'Pup.;)

Very nice builds Dickeybird.

All free flights right? That twin engined one is a nice piture. Took a while until I realized it wasn't on the ground.


Very, very, nice, those planes are stunning. I'd love to try one but it may not look pretty for very long in my hands..... :lol:


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