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Copper Work(An Illustrated Text Book for Teachers and Students in the manual arts)
By: Augustus F Rose
A reprint by Lindsay Publications
Copyright © 1989 trade paperback reprint
This is a golden reprint, Rose did a number of books relating to the metal arts, that have been reprinted time and time again. They are well laid out, thought out and illustrated with clear line drawings. They also contain patterns of the type and style that was popular at the time. He was the originator of the from a lot of the manual arts texts books took, before the enlightenment of the 70's and filling them with stuff most never use.

It does go over the tools you need and covers the material and its type and use. It has drawings of hammer heads and B&W picture of some hammers, along with raising stakes. Everything that is used in the book is covered.
If you are looking for some interesting and different projects. Drawer , door pulls and hinges. Desk corners, sconce, picture frames,Spoons and sugar tongs.

Escutcheons and hinge tails, two words that have become slightly corrupted down thru the years.

Escutcheons is the plate with a key hole in it that surrounds the opening in the wood or metal, to finish off the area.
Hinge tails were the decorative parts of the hinge that held a design along with giving more surface area for the screws or pins to hold to the object.

Making of rivets in copper is covered,with drawing wire and small dia tubes. Watch fobs, (today think key chain tags or zipper pulls). Along with a short section on engraving copper and enameling.

On coloring he only goes over liver of sulphur/pumice rub.
Fuming with spirits of ammonia
And heat coloring with is describe in one sentence.
"Beautiful colors are obtained by heating the object to different degrees, over a gas plate,but these are not permanent."

For the money this book is it is well worth gleaning the info from it.


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