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Jeweler's Resource


Jeweler's Resource
A reference of Gems, Metals, Formulas and terminology for Jewelers
Revised Edition
Bruce G. Knuth
Jewelers Press
ISBN# 0-9643550-3-5 spiral bound lay flat when open trade paperback 8 1/2"X 11"

Small press publisher
Jewelers Press
box 103
Eastlake Colorado 80614-0103


   1. Gems and Gemology
   2. Metals and solders
   3. Chemistry and Formulas
   4. Measurement and Calculation
   5. Glossary
   6. Index

Although it is titled a jewelers book, it is one that a metal smith could find helpful. The chapters are further sub divide into sections on a subject.

    * Mohs hardness
    * Metaphysical properties
    * Diamond legal standards
    * Coin sizes
    * Birth stones

In the 1st chapter.

    * Copper Based Alloys
    * Brass and Bronze Alloys
    * Silver Solders
    * Fluxes
    * Anti Fluxes,Soft Solders, Pickle solutions and Firescale,Bright dip

In the metals chapter along with the other metals noble and non noble jewelry metals, pewter, Japanese alloys.
Also on each metal it gives the legal standards if needed along with other information and then a chart with alloy and common trade name terms for the metals. Karat and alloying info.
The chapter on measurement and calculations:

    * Ring Sizes and Ring Blank Lengths
    * saw blade sizes
    * Burs Shape and Sizes
    * Tempering Steel

Along with more of the standard useful formulas used in a metal working shop.
The Chemistry chapter:

    * Patina's
    * Heat Coloring
    * Etches and Mordants
    * Along with Gold Gilding, Niello, and Resists

If you find your self always looking for an obscure bit of info,than this maybe of help at your bench.
It is scattered in libraries around the world, so you can use
World Cat and see if it is in one near you

Mostly available at jewelry supply houses, from the publisher.


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