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Jewellry Concepts and Technology
« on: May 11, 2008, 12:51:10 PM »
The 2nd one is Jewelry Concepts and Technology by Oppi Untracht
Doubleday imprint
ISBN# 0-385-04185-3
copyrightę1982, 1985

This one expands on were he stopped with the first book. 19 chapter headings with a multitude of sub headings.

    * The Message of Jewelry, why we wear ornaments
    * The Means to Creation: working environment, facilities and implements
    * Metal, the Jewel's Raw Material: Its origin, quality control and variety
    * Basic Techniques: processing sheet metal without deformation
    * Sheet Metal: Forming by deformation techniques
    * Wire: The uses of drawn or extruded flexible filaments
    * Tubing: The use of Fistular Forms
    * Surface ornament with out heat: Metal removal techniques
    * Surface ornament with heat: Metal fusion techniques
    * Fabrication: Building fragments into units
    * Casting: Methods of giving form to molten metal
    * Natural Materials in Jewelry: Using natures valued nonmetals
    * Stones and their setting: Inorganic minerals employed in jewelry
    * Metal Finishing: Achieving desired surface appearance
    * Metallic Coating Techniques: Changing the base metal's surface appearance
    * Metallic Buildup: Electrolytic molecular creation of surface and form
    * Coloring Metals: Achieving patinas through heat, chemicals and electrolysis
    * Standard weights, Measures and Tables
    * Glossaries, Bibliographies, Sources of tools, supplies and services: USA and UK

Around 800 pages of pure golden info, I have read and keep finding new and interesting things since I picked up a copy last year.

I was asked by the a local library not to check it out again for a while as to give somebody else a chance for it.
Being the grumpy old fart I am I asked how many in line to check it out none they said but the computer flagged it for some reason. I guess it left too big of a hole on the shelf

It covers so much more than just jewelry. a lot of metal working basic info. on fabrication, finishing. and examples that you can build on. You should at least check this site out! If your library isn't you should ask why not. They will tell you how close the nearest copy is to your zip code. and the number of copies in member libraries.
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