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Circlip groove

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John Rudd:
I need to machine a circlip groove in a 3mm silver steel shaft for some circlips.

Circlips themselves are 0.6-0.7mm thick and are 2.3mm.

So to the collective, I put it to you, what’s the best way to tackle this?

I tried an abrasive disc ( my fav method.) in my Dremellookalike but the end brg is knackered so it wobbles like a jelly….I tried Stew Harts method using a slit saw….hmmmm some erroneous noises made me abandon that idea…

Silver steel doesn’t machine like EN1a sadly….so open to suggestions please….

What works for you?

Grinding bits of Eclipse hacksaw blade, just below the teeth, if you have something that can hold it like a parting blade.  Otherwise sacrifice a small HSS drill bit in some metal stock you can hold in a toolpost. Your dodgy Dremel can part profile it, do you have diamond stones for finishing ?  Keep stick out to a minimum unless you have a pile of small drills to use.

Oh !!!  Is your silver steel part unhardened ?

John Rudd:
Steel is not hardened…

I’m thinking using a broken 1/8” centre drill suitably profiled to make the groove, sharpened on my t and c grinder..

Sounds like a good approach to getting it sorted.

John Rudd:
Just wish the silver steel wasn’t so hard!


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