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Steady for Harrison

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I find myself in need of a steady for my lathe and looking around was 1) not able to find anything suitable 2)  :bugeye: shocked at the prices. So whats a Madmodder to do?
I am making one, I started by making something to sit on the bed from some channel (pic1) this bit is complete. did not have phone in shed so actual pictures will come later.
Next bit is the make the guide ring? and so far I have bored out the holes for the guides themselves.
Will post more as I go along.

The steady doesn't have to be accurate but does need rigidity. Don't be 'greedy: and make it too big   .  If you need to support the centre of a long bar,  consider how you get it on and off .

I did think about making it split but decided against that so it will be a case of feeding the bar through as best as I can. I must admit rigidity is one of my concerns which I hopefully will be able to cope with once I have welded this hexagon up, Maybe with the use of some extra round plates front and back.

The hex doesn't look thick enough to properly support the pins. I'd probably go for twice the diameter. You could always weld bushes or screw them in.

I think if its needed this would solve any issues in that area.


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