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Scratch build a VMC .. any interest

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tried to do an attachment, 2 mb, as a jpg, no go.


--- Quote from: hanermo on February 20, 2024, 09:14:37 AM ---tried to do an attachment, 2 mb, as a jpg, no go.

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Maybe too big. I think that 800x600 is recommended.

itīs 2400 kg in mass, tool steel, "F1 calibrado" - ie a basic low-strength tool steel widely available here in spain, somewhat flat and straight and to size, about 3€ / kg, depending on size of parts.

About 300 parts, give or take, 2-component epoxy paint, this is version 5 of the mill.
Took about 15 years, and 14.000 work hours, including learning to weld, build machines, program gcode, everything.

And buying and refitting 2 lathes, a 7x toy and a 12x industrial lathe, re-fit 3-times, with cslabs control and a toolchanger (2 toolchangers), and linear guides 25mm hiwin refit.
32 mm ballscrews, 2.5 kW c axis aka spindle with c axis rotation and positioning.
The toolchanger (flat 4 rotary) has an issue atm, and the second servo toolchanger, vertical, may be too heavy at 70 kg.

During that time I did some commercial work, like running the haas hfo here in spain. (And it stuff, commercial stuff).
Got lots and lots of excellent custom training from haas.
And endless learning from haas, hitec, and the == 200 commercial machine shops I visited here in spain, in mexico, in sweden, in finland, and the other 20+ hfos in europe I met.

Where do people host pics these days, since photobucket seems a bad idea ..

VMC and burglar system

Worked ! with a low-res image.

Libra is a german sheperd, pedigreed, the first puppy I ever got, after 45 years between dogs (had 3 as a kid).

Slept near her for 6 weeks when she came here, worked with pro dog trainers for 6 months -
several hundred hours of training.
she is very social, loves people and kids and dogs, and has never bitten anyone.
But a wolf, basically.

Extremely smart, loves to learn things and do stuff, -- typical german shepherd.
They are very easy to train, but demand a good boss and consistency.

My wife who never had dogs and was quite negative fell in love in 15 minutes, my daughter of 10 loves her to bits.
Daughter takes her to the wilderness reserve, often, on their own.
Best thing I ever did, according to my lovely wife.


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