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Scratch build a VMC .. any interest

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I'm pleased that you've got the picture problem sussed.

At one time you used to be able to host on Google Drive but Google put a stop to it. I just tried again and it doesn't work.

I don't know if it works with OneDrive.

There must be an alternative to Photobucket.

That is a little bit more substantial than my mill! Wow!

Yes wow:-)
Interesting configuration . heavy Z : do you have any counter force?  (hope you've got good brakes ;-))

I have a 250 kg air cylinder on each end.
It results in about 100-200 kgf net mass downwards.
Table is about 600 kg in mass, using 35 mm hiwin linear rails, and 20 mm thick tool steel flats of 200 mm height on x axis bridge of 220 cm width.
The portals are reinforced 400x250 mm towers, 20 mm thick tool steel, 10 mm skin on the wider sides.
About 1600 mm tall.
Around 150 6 mm shcs each on 120 mm centers, nearish, for the skins, each portal.

The new screw I plan for is a 40-05 mm screw with double ballnut, hopefully.
1 kW 220V AC servo, 4 Nm cont. 12 Nm peak iirc.

There is endless, endless, commercial work for large(ish), low-precision items of medium-high value.
Things like jetski impellers, boat props, flat cut steel stock, etc. etc.
Plan is to start commercial ops in low-volume items like that.

No molds, no high precision stuff, nothing that clients will measure with a micrometer or 3d devices.

If and or when the commercial stuff starts selling, I can get longer screws, ground screws, etc.

ATM the x screw is 1200 mm long, on a 1600 mm bed. 3205, tbi. For example.
So I can fit large workpieces, but only have about 600 mm movement available.

Cheaped out on the screws, not brave enough at the time to put all that money into it.
Itīs a minimax of what one can afford, one can build, time, space.

Now I have a beautiful real (commercial registry) shop, 200 sqm, with seaviews for both the mill and lathe, in my house lower floor.


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