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Scratch build a VMC .. any interest

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Ive built a large VMC, in tool steel, any interest ..

ATM the z axis ballscrew is kaput, due to my installer losing the balls ..
In about 4 weeks, I hope to have a new (40 mm?) screw on the z with ac bearings on the mounts, coupler, etc. and be able to do pics.

Industrial specs, 32 mm screws, 220v 1 kw ac servos, csmio 24V io and controller, 1600 mm bed, 600 mm y, 500 mm z movement (600 mm clearance), 35 mm hiwin rails, 2.5 kw industrial 3-phase motor, bt30 spindle and toolchanger, etc.

Sounds like you have made a proper job of it.

It's quiet around here but people are watching... And waiting...  :D

cant post with jpg, cant post with png, wtf

yeah something's wrong 

[edit] interesting , I was able to edit the post and add a jpg.

How were you trying to post pictures? They have to be hosted somewhere and you insert a link  "[i_mg]Link to hosted image[/i_mg]" (ignore the underscores) or be posted as attachments.

Can't wait to see some photos.


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