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Good morning all.
I'm a newbie to this forum, it could be said I'm a newbie to all forums.
To say the least,this post is probably at the wrong place.....but that is the only place I have found where there is a place to write my introduction.
Any help will be appreciated.

John Rudd:

Welcome, plenty of folk on here willing to help inc me.

Just ask away…any thing you got in mind?

welcome aboard Koduk

Good morning M.Rudd.
Well it seems I posted without knowing at the proper place....goood! This is the very same place I had found to post that I am using presently.
Okay, here I go. I am a 78 years old French Canadian with varied interests in, repairing, modifying, building, and rebuilding tools and everything else including cultivating my garden. You could say "an old man using with amusement is talents".
 As an example, quite by luck, while googling for a method of localising underground plastic pipe, came upon an article by AWEMAWSON on how he built himself a "water thumper" I could make good use of for repurposing my irrigation system.
Not being able to send an email directly to him, I picked up the MadModder.com name and registered. This morning, with your answers I will try to obtain further informations
 Thank you M.Rudd.

Welcome Koduk


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