Author Topic: eBay auction (UK Only) 1/4 scale Chenery Gypsy 1 Engine Castings & Drawings Set  (Read 29021 times)

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Another of the castings sets I bought back in the day but never got around to.

This one is the Les Chenery Gypsy 1 Engine Castings + Drawings Kit mentioned in the title. It is available on eBay, to UK buyers only, as eBay item number 256319671038, link :  Initial bid is set at 255 with no reserve.  At the time of posting this there are 5 days to run, end date is Thursday 7th Dec at 19:30 GMT.

The castings are entirely unmolested and in the same condition as when I received them from Les Chenery before he passed. I believe the castings and drawings set to be complete, but what is pictured is what is supplied, nothing else is available.

Auction blurb as follows and pix below:

Les Chenery 1/4 Scale Gypsy 1 Engine Castings Kit + Drawings. In New, Unmachined Condition

You are looking at a Castings Kit and Drawings Set for a Les Chenery designed 1/4 Scale Gypsy 1 Engine in new totally unmolested condition.

Note that although a picture is provided of a completed engine for the information of the viewer this auction is solely for the castings and drawings kit as described below. An external youtube video, reference YL8HKUpodls "1/4 SCALE INLINE 4 CYL 62cc De HAVILAND GYPSY MK1 AERO ENGINE MAYFLY OLD WARDEN SHUTTLEWORTH - 2016" of another completed engine in running order is also available to interested bidders. NEITHER OF THESE COMPLETED ENGINES IS SUPPLIED AS PART OF THIS AUCTION.

These were provided to me directly by Les Chenery before he passed and the following will be supplied as pictured :

1 off Upper Crankcase Casting
1 off Lower Crankcase Casting
1 off Rear Cover Casting
4 off Engine Mount Castings
4 off Rocker Mount Castings
1 off Small Front Cover Casting
1 off Carburettor Casting
1 off Crankshaft Bearing Cap Casting

9 off A1  sized sheets of drawings comprising 8 off detailed drawings and 1 off general arrangement drawing.

The prospective bidder shuld be aware that nothing not pictured will be supplied, only the 14 off castings and 9 off drawings shown will be supplied as part of this auction, this is the full set provided to me by Les Chenery.

Prospective bidders will hardly need to be told that these castings are no longer available and are as rare as hens teeth.  You are pretty unlikely to find a set from another source any time soon so please consider that in your bidding.

The drawings I have are rolled and I can obviously supply them either rolled or folded as the buyer prefers.  The quoted price for shipping includes shipping the plans as a separate item in rolled condition. I will apply a discount of 7.00 to the total cost if the buyer would prefer to have me fold the plans instead since this means they can be shipped in the same box as the castings. If folded plans are your preference then message me via eBay after the auction ends and I will apply the shipping discount.

Thanks for your interest,