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 Hi all sos for not posting for along time just their has bin a lot going on but one thing i had to do was get a new workshop the old one was past its best and needed a new roof but the cost of the new roof was out of this world so i got a per fab concrete one put up the biggest cost was the base as my garden is on a slope every thing that was in the old one is back in the new one but its all in tubs i will post sum pics of that any way sum pics of the old one and the new one   

John Rudd:
Nice looking shop Bob, would love to see your kitI guess you could get our friend John Doubleboost to do a video? 😀

tom osselton:
Looks good glad to see you back!

thanks for the comments every thin is still in tubs will post sum pics at the week end   

after 25 years here weve finally got down to the last 4 cardboard moving containers 😳

so dont feel embarrassed its all in tubs Bob

Happy new year in your new den


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