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Cutting a taper

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I can add the parameters in one of too ways either -Z & -X or as a cone ratio.     

Canít understand why the pictures are so big.


--- Quote from: Dell on November 06, 2023, 04:28:46 AM ---I can add the parameters in one of too ways either -Z & -X or as a cone ratio.

--- End quote ---


I may have made a mistake in my previous figures as I drew it out in Autocad at 2:1 and probably forgot to divide measurements by 2.

I believe that, according to the manual, these are the correct numbers:

Entering ZP (length of taper) & XP ((D-d)/2) you should have ZP = 7.800 and XP = 2.090

Entering Cone Ratio (L/(D-d)) L=7.8, D-d = 4.18 therefore Cone Ratio = 1.866

Good luck!

Ideally you'd resize your images to 800 x 600 pixels.


Thanks phil
That was a mistake on my part I quickly input the figures to take the picture, the overall length is 7.8 mm.
Thanks for the advice on picture sizing I will look for an app to put on my iPad to resize pictures.

Okay now I have a perfect taper so I thought I would cut another piece including a bit of shaft ( second picture) but as can be seen before the taper is finished it starts cutting into the shaft , what I did was turn a short 10mm down to simulate the main shank to 9.7mm then proceeded to cut the taper but stopped with 3 cuts left there should be a slight step between shaft and start of taper.


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