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Microscope/ Nanomill


The idea here is to combine a few bits of useful scrap into something more useful.

I have

a Baty measuring DRO from a shadow graph , 2um scales resolving to sub micron
a two axis slide from a wire eroder ,  85 x 85mm travel, 1mm pitch ball screw , thk cross-roller slides
A short slide axis from a laser welder , IKO ball slides, 1mm pitch precision lead screw 150mm travel
A Russian LOMO microscope with cross-hair eye piece and various objects

My first thoughts were to use the two axis slide for  XY table and the short slide for vertical zoom/focus for the microscope. However, the axes are all ball/roller guides with zero backlash screws that are ready to accept motors so , would this make a solid , if small, mill?

ATM I have only pencil sketches and ideas, so for the moment here are pictures of the bits

The cross slide actually looks solid .. and unlike 95%+ of "mill" dreams would probably work, pretty well, imho.

This would be for work like old small jig grinders and small watchmaking mills. I think.

So tiny tools, maybe 2-3 mm in D, given the small screws.

Because the z axis is short, 150 mm, you would have great rigidity, so this vastly helps in your goal.
Maybe make ultra short tools via shrink fits ..

Yes that axis is very solid - it really is almost too heavy for me to lift , it says 32kg on the side but seems much heavier.

I think my greatest difficulty would be the spindle . It'd would need to do north of 20000 rpm and have negligible runout both of which mean expensive .

The other problem is why. I already have a 2 axis cnc mill and have access to 3 axis if I need it. What would I do with a tiny machine ???

On the other hand , being able to measure accurately has popped up a couple of times this month , so I'm leaning towards a microscope that can be converted should i trip-over a nice spindle.

Bill, I don't think you can do anything useful with those bits... Feel free to send them my way for "recycling"  :lol:


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