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Surface grinder concept/project

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Hi Bill ,
Here is a photo of the motor on my grinder

Cheers Alan,

I'll model the larger motor, 200w doesn't seem enough, although I suspect the limit will be the available VFD , which might be also 0.5hp like yours.

I have a small CC tool and cutter grinder that I uses as a surface grinder.

Hi Joe,

Nice little grinder. What make is it?

CC Engineering Industries Limited, Sydney Australia
I was given it in a very dilapidated and worn state and restored it including re-scraping every single sliding and flat surface on it. Lovely little tool in use now. Here is a link to one on the original cast iron base recently sold at auction:
They made several T&C grinders, arbor presses and assembled other tools like chainsaws that were highly import taxed, from parts supplied by others, fabricating or casting the required local content to permit a "Made in Australia" label to accommodate the laws of the day. This was true for many imported goods, like almost all automobiles and trucks/lorries, until the mid-'80s. So our "local" car manufacturers were GM, Ford, Volkswagen, Citroen, Toyota, Leyland, and many others. The labour content of those was sufficient to be local goods. They even assembled Rolls Royce cars here.
There is a story of a wealthy farmer in the 50s writing to Rolls Royce asking to made a more suitable car for Australia, with wide running boards, since the current models of the had nowhere to put dead sheep found in the daily use of the car on the farm....
Many other companies had assembly plants here like Bosch, Hoover, Metabo.  They are all gone now since the repealing of import duties. No tools or cars or electrical goods made in Australia any more.... except very specialised stuff like mining machines, trains etc, mostly with imported parts, because all of the feeder industries for those parts are gone too now, of course.


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