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Surface grinder concept/project

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 Quiet in here   :poke:

I purloined and few bits from a scrap wire-eroder that have inspired a couple of project ideas - (it was working and only scrapped because it needed to be moved and the only way to get it out of the workshop was in bits)

From the U/V wire-angle mechanism I have an incredible two-axis slide unit - cross roller guides, 1mm pitch ball screws  , preloading gears  has to have been designed for micron precision or better . But more on this later...

From the head unit I have a couple of Rexroth double row ball linear guides . These are far too good to use on the plasma cutter I had planned , hence this surface grinder idea.

A while ago , on YouTube, Stefan Gateswinter' showed off his new Bema surface grinder (  I liked the compact size and novel layout.  I also had a pair of US made servo linear axes modules very much like the ones used on the Bema , I just needed something for the table to slide on.

The design is a bolted aluminium construction  , using 25mm plate for the base and 10-15mm plates to stiffen where required . The table will have a travel of about 11inches (280mm) with the head traversing 14" (350mm) or so.  It should have about 12" (300mm) above the table .

I'm not sure about spindle ATM. I have an old Black&Decker grinder spindle (yes I know B&D but it is from the days when they made a better class of tool)

I'll probably use a chain driven table (Like Bema) but may motorise the Vertical and traverse since it will be easier than adding handles .

If I can find a suitable head unit, the Z will have a 0.1um Mitutoyo scale also courtesy of the wirer :-)

Coming soon ... microscope and/or Nano-mill  :proj:

I have been thinking recently about putting linear rails on my converted surface grinder. although I would put the rails upside down rather than the way. This way I figure there would be less chance for the grinding dust to sit on the rails and damage the bearings.
I know you could cover them but I still feel there is the risk. I do like that design though.

I'm sure it would work fine.   The table is supporting the whole length of the rail  so it operates like a mill where the bearing is directly under the cutting force

I've gone for the stationary rail which keeps the table lighter and easier to traverse manually.

The dust cover is a problem, I can only find flat bellows ( rather than the inverted U shape I would prefer), so I am thinking about light air pressure to reduce dust ingress , perhaps using a hoover motor as a pump.

Update on the spindle assembly.

Like the Bema model, the entire head can revolve . so to see what it would look like, I added a cup wheel the the rear of the spindle , it could be used in a horizontal vertical fashion a little like a Blanchard .

I would love to get my hands on a Vintage Mini Surface grinder. But in my area if it gets machined it must be for an Oil Well. Nothing small around Oil Wells.


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