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eBay auction (UK only) Stent tool and cutter grinder casting kit


eBay auction ID: 256257397385

I have a Stent tool and cutter grinder casting kit in completely unmachined condition up for auction on eBay, sorry to say that the dificulties of shipping something that weighs nearly 25kg mean I am only able to consider bids from people based in the UK.

Blurb and pix as follows, starting price 225 :

--- Quote ---You are looking at a casting kit for a Stent Tool and Cutter Grinder. There was originally a choice of bed lengths for the Stent and the bed casting supplied is for the LONGER version.

The kit has all 11 cast iron castings supplied but not the aluminium belt guard which can either be sourced from Blackgates or fabricated from aluminium sheet as the original.

The bearings for the spindle are also supplied, in new and unused condition.

The pics tell all, what is pictured is what will supplied.

AFAIK, these casting kits are available from Blackgates who are here on the web :
Best hold onto your seat when you see the price for this kit in the catalogue though, it's over 650 with the drawings so bid now to get a bargain.

Apologies for the shipping cost, I have capped this at 30 which includes some insurance but anyone living near Brighton, East Sussex would be better off collecting it FOC (cash payment is required for this collection alternative).  Reason for the cost is simply the weight which is up around the 25kg mark, along with the sky high cost of insurance.
--- End quote ---

Thanks for your interest,


Just a heads up that the auction ends in 3 days, Thursday 26th Oct at 19:30PM. Also thought I'd point out that the price previously quoted in the eBay listing was a serious underestimate as Blackgates say they've had to put prices of CI castings up by 17% and also VAT goes on top. This puts a new casting kit fro the Stent at ~940 inc, which makes the initial starting bid of 225 for mine look like a snip.




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