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I'm looking for a new milling machine - but given the available space it has to be bench mounted.

I've been trying to find a Naerok mill drill with metric dials but I am unclear about the size.  There is an RDM350M and an RDM400M.  Can anyone tell me the differences please.  I am assuming that the RDM400M is larger.  Can anyone confirm that please?


There's a manual for the 350 online here:

There are dimensions within.... haven't looked for the 400 yet.


I can only find one useful reference to the 400:

That states the mill table is 22"x8" - although the width of the actual table isn't mentioned in the 350 manual, it's depth is - 6.25": Which would suggest that the RDM400M is, indeed, somewhat bigger.

The site is - compared to it's normal write up - comparatively gushing about the Naerok mill-drills!

I'd love something around that size (maybe a smidgeon bigger), to fit in my garage at home - for the unfortunately inevitable (and rapidly approaching) day when I can't keep my big warehouse on.  Although maybe I'll just cram the Bridgeport in there anyway...

Hi Ade

Thanks for taking the trouble to look - I hadn't found the link for the 400 and I was finding it difficult to work it out from photos.

I think the write up on is a big factor in my looking for one of these - possibly also a factor in some of the advertised prices I have seen.

Thanks again.


hi Russell

i have the NAEROK RDM350M

let me know what measurements your looking for exactly and i can send them to you on monday...


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