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Reworking of a Denford Mirac CNC lathe.

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I remember that there were two VFDs - one for the main spindle and one for the turret.

If you look the first post in my orignal thread they are both pictured in "Back Home #3" so not difficult to find. One looks to be a Mitsubishi 750 watt and the other seems to be a proprietry which iirc finally gave up the ghost with excessive leakage to earth and I replaced it with a cheap chinese ebay special but I'm certain they were detailed in later posts but can I ask that you go and look for yourself.

Sorry to be grumpy but I've spent the last week between the doctors, and the A&E departments of two hospitals and an eye hospital so my tolerance level is somewhat reduced.

Remainder of the thread seems to be about cosmetic stuff.  I will look agaain when I get the opportunity.
I take it there are no others on here familiar with Mirac


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