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Here We Go AGAIN - Another Burst Main on the Farm

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One of my tenants who has some motor vans on long term storage here came to me in a panic - he'd come to clear vegetation away from his vans to give them a clean up and was sure the he'd cut one of my 25 mm MDPE pipes that originally fed water to pig sty's close to the ground he uses.

No, not my pipe - I isolated it, and even cut it short to prove that that pipe wasn't the source of squelchyness. He carried on strimming to reveal quite a flow of water rising from the ground and apparently coming from the SE Water pumping station on the other side of the fence. Now this is a long distance from the 6" asbestos main that keeps bursting but I'm not aware of any pipe where this water is coming out. About 20 foot away I know that there is a 6" (or maybe 10") pipe that runs the length of my field and feeds the village but it's not very close to this issue.

Reported to SE Water 'who will investigate' -that was a few hours ago, I'll await developments!

Chap turned up to have a look see at about 18:15, couldn't see the source of the water. I've arranged to have the motor homes temporarily moved tomorrow and they will return for further prodding and poking then!

On Your place when it rains it pours and then some.

Well at least this burst pipe doesn’t directly affect us unlike the other incidents. Funnily their help desk rang me to ask what my problem was, and I cheerfully told them I had none but they did !

Considering we have a hose pipe ban in force they need to get on top of the issues in their leaky network.

So having fired off rockets complaining of lack of progress on the leak restitution in our front garden I thought that I might as well have a go at them for this one that's remained unrepaired for about six weeks.

Amazingly we had a SE Water chappie round that morning who tried to trace where the pipe was where the leak was but there was nothing on his plan! Using his CAT tool there certainly WAS something there so he got a digging crew out this morning with quite dramatic results.

There appears to be a 3" branch main off the 10" pipe that I knew about. Goodness knows what this 3" once fed but other than the leak there was no flow so presumably an abandoned branch main.

Once the digger exposed the pipe we had quite a dramatic fountain - loads of water underground as this has been flowing at least 6 weeks!

It has now been bandaged with a clamp on Band Aid and we are awaiting back filling with something solid - I refused to let them back fill with the wet clay they had dug out as vehicles park on this spot.


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