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I am having a problem logging on to parts of the site. Sometimes when I try to log on I get a notice "Forbidden, you do not have permission to access this site". When I do get in if I view Andrew's piece on his JCB I find that all the pictures are just shown as icons and when I click on to them I am just offered the chance to save them to my computer. This does not occur on other postings. I thought that I might log out and then log in again to see if this would resolve the problem. When I clicked on "log out" guess what? I was told that it was forbidden! Somebody please help.

I am having the same problem.


Yes it seems that it's endemic - it's happening to me. So far a few re-trys and I get through !

I may have fixed this

tom osselton:
I came across this on one occasion (a week ago ) getting the forbidden message I typed it in manually and got in there’s been no problems yet after that.


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