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can I have videos in my posts

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After posting I found that I had posted an MP4 from my Google Drive as an attachment and it works.

To post a Youtube video use the button which looks like a play button and paste your YouTube link in the middle.



--- Quote from: Bridie on April 22, 2023, 04:24:10 AM ---Thanks for your answers. I misread somewhere that posting Youtube stuff was like promoting yourself and not allowed. Obviously I got that completely wrong. I do have a Youtube engineering based channel so will it be ok to post from that?

--- End quote ---

What IS banned is down right spam & advertising just promoting the selling of products or services and making no contribution to the forum discussion process.

Post away with your videos ! Fear not if the moderators feel that they are inappropriate they will be removed anyway :)

(PS where abouts in Bedford are you? I lived on Kimbolton Road for quite a few years)

Near Sharnbrook.

Sorry for the delay.

I have to look, but I think I have a minimum post count before posting links? or maybe that is PMs. Do that to cut down on spam. Let me check for you.

Youtube should work

Minimum 5 posts to send messages. try posting the link, if it fails, we will help.



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