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can I have videos in my posts

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Hi all

I tried to post a video in the videos section demonstrating  5c collet attachment that I thought would be interesting.
Can I do this as an attachment from my pc or does it have to be a youtube link?

38 views and nobody wants to answer. This forum is not for me I think.


I was one of the 38 but didn't know the answer. I suspect others may be the same.

It looks like allowed file types are: doc, gif, jpg, mpg, pdf, png, txt, zip, pps, jpeg

If you can't create an mpg then I suspect that you need to upload your video to Youtube and then insert between {youtube][/youtube} (use all square brackets!)


Like Phil I was one of your 38 readers but like Phil couldnít answer your question so there seemed little point in replying!

I have only ever posted videos on this (and other) forums by using the means that you already have alluded to - the YouTube link.

Welcome to the forum, Iím sorry that you seem to think youíve been ignored, this forum has many very helpful members and I would encourage you to stick around a bit longer before making judgments.

tom osselton:
I use youtube also.

Thanks for your answers. I misread somewhere that posting Youtube stuff was like promoting yourself and not allowed. Obviously I got that completely wrong. I do have a Youtube engineering based channel so will it be ok to post from that?


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