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Rocketronics electronic leadscrew

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Hi all
I have just bit the bullet and ordered the complete Rocketronics leadscrew kit because my hand are getting worse, I have looked at lots of YouTube videos on the subject and although expensive when leadscrew and crosslide are automated it will do a lot of turning and threading automatically, I havenít received the kit yet because itís coming from Germany.
It looks like I will be able to fit closed loop stepper behind headstock and the encoder where the change wheels were and all without drill ing hole or cutting anything out but we will see.
This is the same kit I have ordered

Looks like an interesting project - do keep us up to date  :thumbup:

As I havenít received the parts yet I canít do to much although tracking saying itís in UK and I have made the mounting for the stepper with adjustment fore and aft and to tension the belt, I will take a picture tomorrow.

I am keen to see how it works!

Here is the picture of the steeper mounting on the back of the headstock using the two original motor mount bolts, yes I know I drilled the plate in the wrong place but as itís only a foot plate to mount the motor I am not too worried about it, the pulleyís turns up today and what a load of crap they are , that will teach me to buy cheap, ordered some replacements from a different company and the others are going back.


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