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Dial for old scales

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I've been restoring some old scales that came from my mother-in-laws shed. They were rather rusty so they've been dismantled, de-rusted, re-assembled, and painted in close to original colours.


All I have to do now is make a legible dial, which the original isn't.


I have redrawn the dial using a scan of the original to trace over.

 My original idea was to get someone to cut this out in vinyl for me and then use that to etch a brass dial.  However, after having redrawn the dial I think some of the detail is too fine for a vinyl cutter so I am wondering what to do.

I've thought of a number of options:

Print it on paper and cut an acrylic face to go over it.
Get it printed on sticky vinyl and stick it to the old face.
Get it laser engraved on brass deep enough to add paint and then clean up the brass leaving the markings visible.

I have no experience with laser engraving or cutting so I've no idea if the last option is even feasible, where to go or how much it would cost.

Does anyone have any other ideas, or advice on any of these?


Think of it as a printed circuit board. Photo print it onto transparent sheet, apply photo-resist to a nice clean brass disk and expose it through the transparency.

Then etch the brass disc - you may want to make a negative version of your artwork.


I printed mine on card, cut round the outside, cut a bigger centre hole, encapsulated it and then trimmed around the outside and punched a centre hole so that it was completely sealed against moisture. I then stuck that to the old dial.

I wasn't bothered about it looking authentic - and I drew a scale calibrated in kgs.

Why have you missed out SALTER above HOUSEHOLD SCALE?


what is the original?

Hi Russ,
     Perhaps you simply missed the brand "SALTER" on the original brass face you put a scan of in you post?
John B


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