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Re-Equipping the Foundry


As I'm grinding ever closer to having a working foundry set up, the other day I went hunting for my sand moulding tools. I'd previously had a pretty comprehensive set that I'd inherited from a foundry that shut down back in a 1990's in North West London. Absolutely NO sign of them anywhere - I'd expected to have to give them an intensive de-rusting but not to have lost them. But we are where we are so go find some more.

Recently two batches turned up on eBay and I was lucky enough to win both unopposed. They arrived yesterday and the day before and I've been going through them.

The first smaller batch are fairly conventional tools for smoothing, cutting gates etc and are all steel.

The second batch are far more numerous, have the same tools as the first but in more varieties, but also included LOADS of mould fettling tools which I presume are for making good when a pattern has been pulled from the greensand. The good thing about this second batch is that many of them are brass - or possibly bronze - so won't rust in a damp foundry.

(The last two pictures are from the eBay advert)


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