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Haynes Welding Manual (Techbook)
« on: June 22, 2009, 10:45:40 AM »
Haynes Welding Manual (Techbook)
By Jay Storer & John H Haynes

Basics of Gas,Arc,MIG,TIG,and Plasma welding and cutting

For selecting and using welding equipment
Haynes North America #10445 (2110)
copyright 1994
ISBN 1 56392 110 3
Trade paperback

Part of Haynes Auto Repair manual Series (sold at most big box auto parts stores)

We all have seen the Haynes Auto manual's at the local auto parts stores. Some probably have more than one. I never did buy a copy new of this book since it was a beginners and when it first came out I was way past being a beginner and had numerous other ones all ready. When a used copy was offered at the NAMES expo along with some others I picked it up.

First it is a US version rewrite of the Brit's version. I believe the only thing in common they both have is the title. It is well written, with loads of good B&W photos, drawings. They have retaken the photos with US equipment and supplies.

Chapter 1 Introduction
Starting with a brief description of blacksmith welding as a starting point with a couple pictures of a forge welding set up anvil and smith. And then moving on from there. In to the development of modern welding, and welding of today. They also mention the role the various welding processes play in the creation of art works through out the book with a couple of real people and their work along with other welders sprinkled across the book. Something else that is rarely if ever covered is the metal dealer experience. Which can come as culture shock to somebody new. what to except, and how most operate both new and used dealers.

Chapter 2 Types of welding
Gives all the basic information of the assorted welding and cutting processes as an overview of each.

Chapter 3 Oxy-acetylene gas welding/cutting
The basics gas process,equipment,getting started and flame adjustment. Gas welding, welding with filler rod then moving on to brazing, cutting and ending with a short section on heating of metal for working and the use of a rosebud tip.

Chapter 4 Arc welding
Starting with an explanation and comparing of duty-cycles. A big confusing point for a lot of people. AC/DC or both in choosing a machine.
Another item that most books that claim they are a beginners hardly mentions. Is the rewiring needed for an arc welder. Gives a general over view and some considerations about it. Then it goes into the arc process, safety considerations, getting started in arc welding (beginning),types of joints and then choosing electrodes.

Chapter 5 MIG welding
Shopping for a MIG welder, choosing the shielding gas,choosing the wire used, and then learning MIG welding.

Chapter 6 TIG welding
The equipment used, covering all the bits and pieces needed to TIG. The process in action and uses in a large assortment of fields and work. With a short course and then TIG-welding aluminum.

Chapter 7 Plasma-arc welding and cutting
A brief description of plasma-arc welding, and then Plasma-arc cutting equipment. Choosing plasma cutting equipment and then using a plasma cutter.

Chapter 8 Safety and shop equipment

Chapter 9 Building a utility trailer
A small light duty 4x8x2 2 wheel trailer that is a better design than most I have seen shown on the net.
The glossary is well done, with drawings and photo's to help with the descriptions.
The source list may be out of date with the mergers and buy outs of the suppliers. Plus it has a great index, and after each chapter there is a pages labeled notes for those that tend to scribble notes and questions for themselves.

For anybody that has or thinks they have an interest in welding, or getting into art work or metal work with and about welding this is the one, for you new or used. It is worth the price.
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