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Broken lathe

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John Rudd:
My 290 lathe is broken….,😢😢😢😢😢

The vfd has failed…an Invertek 1.5kw unit…Powers up but displays O-volts…. Indicative of high bus voltage…which seems odd.
I first put it down to being cold in the garage or damp…but no, brought into the house, sat on a rad to dry out to no avail….
I’ve put a call in to Invertek to see if it can be repaired/how much…a new one is around £200…. Ouch!!

Wow. For that money you could get a proper VFD. Something like this

John Rudd:
Well not good news….

They say it’s 5 yrs old and has been superceded…..
A replacement is £206….

So I could go to eBay and buy a cheap chink replacement, or inverter drive supermarket has a WEG unit for much less…..choices choices…,,

John Rudd:
Thought I'd update on this....

after several futile attempts to revive the poorly inverter, I've ordered a new one from Inverter drive supermarket....the WEG one..

The Invertek replacement was coming in at £188, given their lack of enthusiasm to help, I decided to go elsewhere..

Hopefully this one will last me...

Of the few vfds I have successfully revived,  the easiest to repair was a cheap Chinese made model, mainly because it used mostly discreet devices and came apart in a relatively simple manner. The typical compact models from Europe/japan use solid state modules which, while available, are impossible to swap.


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