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I have noticed over the last year or so at about 00:30 the UK seems to have a 500MW load come on.   At first I put it down to Andrew playing with his toys on economy 7, but 500MW....   That's pushing it a bit even for him, could be the Welsh filling up their hydro electric bath tub ?   Just seems odd how regular it is and that it hasn't always been present.   I tend to look at the national grid page quite often to see what's happening, so if anyone has any idea what it is, eh Andrew ???

Couple of pictures attached showing last 7 days and a closer look at the event.

Above link is grid monitor if anyone cares to have a look.  Power consumption is down quite a bit this winter.

Canít help you with the true cause Jules, but be assured that these days Iím firmly tucked up in bed at 0:30 and probably have been for at least two hours !


It's possibly Dinorwig pumping water back up the mountain which happens off-peak. Dinorwig hydro plant can go from 0 MW to 1800 MW in approximately 16 seconds and can store about 9 GWh in the upper reservoir!

I couldn't see the graph you linked.

My favourite site for looking at where our electricity comes from is


Ahhh, see if that link works for you Phil, my URL got truncated ?

Well, someone must have a Tokamak in their shed or cellar, bound to be a Madmodder.

Try checking (?)  They list the various generator and loads for UK Europe


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