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I got an oxy-propane cutting set for Christmas & the torch has Male connectors .650 Dia & 25TPI (LH & RH) as far as my eyes can make out without going into a freezing garage to dig out the thread guage. I have an old oxy-acetylene welding torch (no name) that came in a box of goodies years ago & never used by me (haven't had more than propane before). Measuring the male threads on that they seem to be .50X25TPI.
What are these threads normally Ive never used anything other than plain propane before? Might they be GAS which AFAIK is 26 TPI for all normal diameters? Can I readily buy adapters to use the torch on my new hoses for brazing, or is it a make-it-yourself job?
I know that you cant weld with oxy-propane, but working on my tractor steering knuckles recently prompted the need for better than plain propane heat.

The dangers of drink: went to the garage today & measured threads with guage & decent calipers. 1/4BSP & 3/8BSP!

Don't attempt measurements after Old Speckled Hen, white wine & Damson vodka :bang:
That sounds more like it. I was wondering which medication you were on  :D

Stick to the Old Speckled Hen - I find it a miracle cure up there with WD40  :clap:

(WD40 of course being developed originally to keep moisture off Titan 1 misiles in their silos 165 foot below Denver !)

Whilst I agree with the Old Speckled Hen recommendation, I couldn't manage a pint of WD40 - too aromatic for my tastes, but each to his own...


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