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John Rudd:
I’m 64, retired living off a pension too….( supplemented by ‘Er-indoors’)….
No mortgage, ( I worked my ass off to get it paid….)
No Netflix or other subscription service other than internet….

I have a comfortable existence, which is probably less than the folk 3 doors down, the last 2 houses in our row have bough new cars in the last 3 months…but I guess it comes down to needs and wants…

I’m more in the camp of ‘if I don’t need it, I don’t buy it’….

It amazing what you can do if you live a boring (in the eyes of many others) life.  We paid off the mortgage many years back, don't have holidays abroad, or holidays at all for the last 3yrs.  Eat fresh food, some of which we grow here as wife has food allergies, heat with coal over the last 20yrs, so not push button heating and requires work to maintain.   No TV, used money and time to pursue interests and hobbies gaining lots of practical skills.  As I work from home minimum overheads on commuting to work and back.  Workshop and electronics lab are my life, most interests and hobbies revolve around that.  Fast approaching retirement, and private pension will pay more than I have earned in the last few years.  My wife has supported me on and off over the last 20yrs as she was always the major bread winner.   Never felt entitled to anything and only bought with cash I had to hand.  No credit card or loans as my monthly income could vary wildly (hence no covid support, as no credit rating) very much living within my means.   That seems to be completely lost on so many these days.

I have some generous friends who think of me before disposing of equipment and tools.  I repair and refurbish for them and myself where I can.

As all the above, i think we are of a certain age:: i have never bought any thing i could not pay for in advance..just the way i was brought up.
Mum and dad always said, if you can not pay for it then you can not afford it.


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