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This has been bugging me for quite some time. I am bothered by the claims that the rising cost of living is causing people to go into poverty. I live on my own, my only income is the state pension, I do live in public housing. or what we used to call council housing. Why are people complaining about the increasing costs? Am I missing something? I receive enough to live very comfortably and save money, not a lot but I have always have some in reserve. Could someone explain the problem to me because I don't feel it.

At a guess, any combination of:
Mortgage, and or rent
Children, and or other dependants
bbc license tax, 
netflix (and or any other streaming media,
iphone ( and or other phone rental), 

OK Bill here we go. No I don't have a mortgage, probably like many people, I live in social housing . maybe that is why I am protected. . I am 75 so children are out of the way I don't have netflix or any other internet stuff.  I have BT . Internet , my iphone costs me 5 per month. I have a car. All in all I am comfortable. Maybe people expect too much out of life, I don;t know but I am happy.

Can I add, I did not want to be contentious. I really don't understand why it seems that the media tell us that everybody is suffering. I am sure that I am not unique.

I do think people have far higher expectatons of life style than - say - 50 years ago when we got married.

Back then foreign holidays were unheard of and there was a culture of make do and mend still from the war, memories of which were still very raw.

The first house we bought was condemmed as 'unfit for human habitation' but it was all we could afford. No ground floor windows or floor boards. Down stairs chimney breasts removed without supporting upstairs etc etc.

But I quickly learnt building skills that I certainly didn't have before (couldn't pay anyone to do the work!) - and scrounging used materials knocked it into some semblence of civilisation.

Selling up and buying the next house slowly saw us climb the ladder but it was gruelling hard work - five houses later I now have the farm and 12 acres !

No credit back then - nowadays it's a want it now culture and it goes on a credit card which is where people go wrong.


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