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DC Drive manual?


A friend of mine has a Fincor DC 120VAC/90VDC drive that he has acquired for use in one of his projects.  Specifically, it is a Model No. 2301 P1 drive.  It's a nice looking enclosed 2HP drive with a Run/Stop/Jog switch and speed control pot on the front cover. 

The problem is that these controls were not wired to the drive, and we CANNOT find any on-line manual sources for this model drive.  The manual that we are able to find is for a different model drive.  The number of terminals in that manual do not match up with his drive, so we are reluctant/unable to try those connections.  The Run/Jog switch would be hooking up to terminals that don't exist.  Fincor has gone the way of the Dodo, so contacting the manufacturer is out of the question - even though just for Funsies I tried the phone numbers listed.

The front cover of the drive refers to a connection diagram on Instruction Sheet EIS 0123 - no luck finding that either.  Anybody got a manual for one of these drives that they'd be willing to either part with, or photocopy/scan?


John Rudd:
Surely it’s not beyond the wit of man to reverse engineer how the thing works in the absence of a manual?

Could you post some pictures up of the board? We might be in with a shouting chance then….

If I had it in MY hands it wouldn't be a problem to do just that.  But since he's got the drive in his hands, on the other side of the country, and he's more mechanically inclined than electrically so...  I'm trying to find him a manual, or at least the connections for the pot. and the run/stop/jog switch.



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