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Another Burst Water Main on the Farm

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Well, at least the asbestos if wet, and won't be friable.

Is there a little part of you that wanted to let them dig and then say 'I told you so'..


No Russ, I've already seen one bloke nearly frazzled on that 11kV line where it is aerial:,12496.msg148855.html#msg148855

Well a chap came back yesterday evening and made the entrance gate to the cottages safe in a temporary way so we don't kill our guests on the way in,and then darn me if we wern't off water supply AGAIN at about 9 pm. This time a 10" gate valve in the lay-by on the other side of the road had 'blown'. It had been leaking for ages and been reported but not fixed. Probably finally gave way with the surge pressure when they turned back on having fixed our leak.

As I type there is a chap back filling the two excavations so with any luck things might return to normal soon - yet to get a date for the bulk delivery of the shingle, MOT type 1 and the graded & seeded top soil.

A few days ago the excavations got back filled, topped with top soil and re-seeded.

Yesterday a grab lorry dropped off the '10 tons' of pea shingle and took away the excess spoil from the holes - I was sure there was more than 10 tons - yes - looking at the loading ticket there was 12  :clap:

So today an energetic pair of chaps came to spread it about - that's a lot of work even with a mini digger to help. They did their best but to be honest they left it a bit rough. It needs a fair amount of traffic over it to settle it down, and probably a bit of rain will help.

I 'tracked it in' using my Land-rover which at least has compacted the shingle a fair amount, then I went over it with a broad leaf rake so that it looks a bit more presentable.

I do have a Benford vibrating roller buried in the Tractor Shed, and when the gravel has settled down - probably in the spring - I'll give it a good squashing.

And guess what - just to make my day YET ANOTHER burst in the 6" asbestos cement water main that runs through our front garden.

So no doubt they are going to have to pull out some laurel hedge (again) dig big holes and replace a 4 metre length of pipe (again) make a big mess of my garden (again)

pictures to follow - meanwhile no water, cottage guests arriving tomorrow, oh joy !


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