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Another Burst Water Main on the Farm

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Water eventually restored at about 4am this morning. I must say they've done a good clear up job - they know that I've cottage guests arriving today so don't want the place looking like a building site.

Thankfully I suggested that they lay a track path over the lawn to save making the mess that they made last time - and they acted on  the suggestion so there is minimal damage from digger tracks.

Big chunk of hedge removed and we now sport RED (never seen it before!) Heras temporary fencing to make the garden dog secure.

There follows many pictures and a video

Golly,What a saga Andrew.
Actually I think more a serial drama. 
Hope the water trust is footing the bill for it all.
Perhaps they could save some money for all these call outs and re-plumb the whole lot?
But that may be too logical if Australian water authorities are any guide.
Keep smiling and carry on.

John B

Well at LONG LAST SE Water have repaired the damages.After many promises and missed appointments I blew a gasket on Monday and started firing big rockets at SE Water.

Guess what - Tuesday brought a gang of four orange men with a tipper, 35 175 cm tall Prunus laurocerasus 'Rotundifolia', and some bulk bags of sifted soil.

Being nosy I grabbed the label off one of the laurel bushes and found out from the nursery they had cost the princely sum of 1400 plus VAT  :bugeye: - this is not the retail price but the actual sum paid !

Anyway the gang proceeded to lay out 'bog mats' to preserve the lawn and plants all but a handful that were left over.

Then yesterday they were back with 24 sq metres of turf which went down today. SE Water failed to provide the promise stand pipe for watering so I've lent them one as this lot will die very quickly in the current hot spell.

Hopefully that draws a line under this leak, but while firing rockets I reserved a special one to remind them of the other leak that I reported 6 weeks ago and was still in full flood - this proved fruitful but see other thread


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