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Another Burst Water Main on the Farm

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Steve the post man called by this morning to ask if I'd seen what was happening on the farm entrance drive -

. . .  Yikees - no I hadn't  :bugeye:

Water pouring across the outer farm yard from under the close boarded fence in the horticultural area flooding down the drive to my garage, over the steps into the cottage courtyard, and under the gate into the same court yard. Loads of pea shingle swept away and water everywhere  :bang:

Call to the SE Water Emergency number eventually got a human being but it was a good two hours before they got the stop valve closed.

Distinct shades of de-ja-vu here as I'm certain that it's the same pipe that fractured a few years ago and resulted in my front garden looking like the Somme after a good battle.
Eventually a team turned up with a 2.5 ton digger and exposed the pipe - yes the same nominal 6" asbestos cement pipe that burst before. Holes keeps growing, as does the spoil pile.

Current team have come to the end of their shift and we are awaiting the night team, who I am told are going to thread a new smaller pipe under the hedge that borders my drive, and dig another hole there to join on. The entire thing needs replacing in my view, but no - just repairs - again like last time!

I hope they've finished by Friday - two sets of cottage guests arriving expecting to have a nice peaceful break - but at the moment they won't even have water (as don't we)

John Rudd:
Seems it never rains but pours at your place Andrew….

Let’s hope the Blue Men can sort it all…  :thumbup:

So water service returned 03:30 this morning when I was woken up to the sound of our 'en-suite' toilet cistern filling!

Still got two wacking great excavations that need back-filling and quite a bit of damage repairs to do to the surfaces that have been washed away. Repair co-ordinator turned up to agree works and is making good the serious trip hazard to the cottages gateway later today as urgent works and getting 10 ton of pea shingle and some MOT1 sub base delivered in the next few days for the rest of the place.
Once the holes are back filled a lorry load of top soil and seed will come to make good the horticultural area and verge of the drive way.

They had initially proposed trenching right across our entrance drive and when I pointed out that there was an 11 kV cable buried there they assured me they would be no where near it. I pressured them to try again with their CAT cable scanner and sure enough had they put a full width trench in they'd have gone right through it  :bugeye: I'm glad that I was insistant !

My Nephew Lee makes a good living welding burst water pipes ...

sometimes from the inside!

Bill I don't think even Lee could weld this one - it's asbestos cement !


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